Buchanan Solar Condos

Nine apartments on a sunny slope in Arlington, Virginia were designed to have panoramic views of Four Mile Run Park from their location near the amenities of Columbia Pike. Dramatically angled roofs rise up to the sky and provide a southern exposure for rooftop solar panels. Wide balconies and large french doors are framed by comer towers with colored siding. Daylit interiors are finished with bamboo floors and colored concrete tile.

Designed to meet the Arlington County Green Home Choice Program, these garden apartments harness natural resources like sun and rain to provide comfortable places to live. Geothermal energy, daylighting strategies, and passive solar design will save money on energy bills for the owner and tenants alike.

Eco-friendly materials and finishes include bamboo, fIy-ash concrete, cement board siding, and low-VOC paints. Low impact development strategies such as permeable pavers, a rain garden, green roof, and native shade trees create a beautiful setting and provide a green buffer within this residential neighborhood.

By Rick Schneider with inscape.