We are passionate about forming
thoughtful, delightful, and sustainable communities through
architecture, design, and planning.

Design shapes our cities and towns physically, culturally, and emotionally. For nearly 20 years, we at ISTUDIO have dedicated ourselves to the issues of design, architecture, and urbanism. We have collaborated with clients and communities around the globe to increase access to beautiful places and spaces — where we live, work, learn, play, and dream.


Whether a city, campus, or single building, no detail is too small and no master plan is too grand. Ideas are our currency. We designed the first solar chimney for a public school in the history of our nation’s capitol. We transformed an “unusable hillside” at a neighborhood park into a thriving community garden. We developed a salt storage facility into an award-winning design solution. We sat down to drink with elders in remote villages to lay out eco-tourism sites in West Africa. We have stories…

We are architects, planners, designers… artists, writers, musicians… cooks, gardeners, and dancers. Taking great pride in our cast of characters, we value every contribution and passion in the work we share. A stop by our studio could result in a spontaneous full band jam session, a Pecha Kucha on biophilic design, a furniture making exercise, or pushing a Christmas tree out through a second story window. We are fueled by coffee, beer, gelato… bourbon, BBQ, and souvlaki… thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. We are numbers and colors, rigor and rest, professional and relational.


We are grateful for the partnerships we have formed and honored by the recognition we have received along the way. For more of our story including the publications, presentations, acknowledgement + accolades…



Special Mention, Concepts-Plus-Architecture + Climate Change, Marvin Gaye Recreation Center, Architizer A+ Awards, 2019
Design Excellence Award, Powell Elementary School, AIA|DC, 2019
Sustainable Design Award, Marvin Gaye Recreation Center, AIA|DC, 2019
Sustainable Design Award, Powell Elementary School, AIA|DC, 2019
Universal Design Award, Twin Oaks Community Garden, AIA|DC, 2019
Presidential Citation for Sustainable Design, Marvin Gaye Recreation Center, AIA|DC, 2018
Energy Savings Leader (2016)
DC DMPED St Elizabeths Competition (2013)
AIA Show You’re Green Meridian View (2009/10)
AIA/DC Presidential Citation/Sustainable Design Meridian View (2009)
City of the Future, Discovery Channel Invitational (2008)
Washingtonian Magazine “40 under 40” People to Watch (2007)
Vision Award, Committee of 100 3rd Century Mall (2006)
American Institute of Architects “Young Architect of the Year” (2005)
AIA/DC Merit Award in Architecture Butterfly Pavilion (2005)
4 Walls Exhibit Invited Exhibition (2004)
AIA/DC Merit Award in Architecture U Street Studio Offices (2004)
NYC Design Competition Regenerative Rowhouse (2004)
Virginia Society AIA Regenerative Rowhouse (2004)
21:4:21 Exhibit Invited Exhibition (2003)
National Building Museum /Top 10 Green Exhibition, Sustainable Design (2003)
AIA/DC Pres Citation/Sustainable Design Blue-Green House (2003)
NAHB Design Award Blue-Green House (2003)
DC Council of Engr. and Arch. Societies “Young Architect of the Year” (2002)
AIA/DC Pres Citation/Sustainable Design Beecher House (2002)
MLK Jr. Memorial Competition Entrant/exhibition, Team member (1999)



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Va Tech College of Architecture, WAAC: “Tubman Elementary School + Equitable Design”, 2019
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National Building Museum, Interschool Student Design Competition (2015)
Live It Learn It: “Green Schools – Powell Elementary School” (2015)
AIAdc: “High Performance Buildings – Aggressively Passive” (2015)
AIAdc: “AIA 2030 – Passive Design” (2012)
Katzen Center for Art: Green Charter School Design (2009)
AIA Committee on the Environment/COTEdc: Research in Practice, Pushing the Envelope (2008)
US Dept of Agriculture – Whitten Building: Sustainable Building Charette (2007)
AIA National Conference: “Form Ecology and Place” (2007)
USGBC : Emerging Green Builders: Sustainable dev in Greenbelt MD (2007)
AIA “Show Your Green”: Affordable green housing (2007)
The Catholic University of America: Intro to Sustainable Design (2007)
American Institute of Architects: Sustainable Design (2006)
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Washington Alexandria Arch. Consortium: Architects and their Practices (2005)
Residential Architect – Reinvention: Greening the American Home(2005)
Solar Decathlon, Washington DC: AIA design awards (2005)
GreenHOME and local developers: Intro to Sustainable Housing Design (2005)
AIA Conference: Young Architects (2005)
AIA “Show Your Green”: Affordable green housing (2005)
American Institute of Architects: Sustainable Design (2004)
The Solar Decathlon, Washington, DC: Sustainable Design (2004)
Kresge Foundation / NFF: Green Design and Funding (2004)
Sustainable Building Industries Council: Cents and Sensibility (2004)
Arlingtonians for Cleaner Environment: Residential Green Design (2004)
Urban Land Institute: Building Green (2004)
National Park Service Lecture: Sustainable Design Fair (2002)
National Endowment for the Arts grant Community Charettes: Girard St. Playground (2000 – 01)
The Catholic University of America Roundtable Discussion: WWII Memorial (2000)
Glover Park Citizens Association Lecture: Residential Green Design (1999)



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