City of the Future 

A further development of plans for the National Mall, this vision of Washington DC as the once and future “City on the Hill” repopulates the heart of the city and breathes new life into communities on the edge of L’Enfant’s original plan. Federal agencies are encouraged to move to other neighborhoods within the district, stemming the tide of relocation outside the city and helping to redevelop local communities. The agencies are connected by a network of greenways, the transit avenues of the 21stcentury.

Buildings near the Mall are repurposed to provide new uses – residential, retail, commercial – to promote stewardship and provide amenities for a revitalized mall with museums, shops, cafes, galleries, and shows. The Mall itself, once an overstressed monoculture of grass and trees, has been transformed into a sustainable oasis of bio-diversity. This is the place people come to talk, vote, march, and play.