Kingman Island Environmental Center

The Kingman Island Environmental Education Center was designed as a part of a competition to intertwine with adjacent ecosystems, mimicking natural flows and exhibiting their processes for children and adults alike. This education and research center for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation will make use of passive strategies for heating/cooling/ventilating and regenerate wetlands. These “constructed wetlands” work with a “Living Machine” to demonstrate habitat restoration and natural forms of wastewater treatment and garner LEED innovative credits.

Landforms are built into the side of a hill, providing green space on top and in front of a well-lit, energy-efficient building that manages its stormwater on site. The building itself becomes a part of the landscape functionally and physically. The organic lines of a building built into the earth will mesh with the development of the 9/11 memorial – all while channeling rainwater for use in the building. The center rises from the landscape to offer a place from which to view the islands, the lake, the river, and the neighborhoods around them.

Rick Harlan Schneider was the Design Principal and project lead for this project while at Inscape Studio.