Meridian View

A rooftop pavilion angles out over Fifteenth Street above the brick row houses and points to a stunning view of Meridian Hill Park. Wood lines the inside of the stucco form and channels light into the house via the stairwell. Spaces are made more flexible by eliminating interior walls in favor of movable partitions and low counters. Kitchen and dining areas are lit with high-gloss finishes over wood tones and warm colors. The pavilion itself acts as a solar chimney with built-in settings that provide cooling and fresh air to provide thermal comfort to the previously isolated lower floors. It also acts as a collector for rainwater, which is used for watering the garden.

The owners wanted to improve their home and be as green as they could. We worked with the following rules of thumb for sustainability and made our decisions based on them: Insulate well. Choose an energy-efficient mechanical system, energy-efficient appliances, and green materials. Design for flexibility. Think passive. Conserve water.

The result is an award-winning design with energy cost savings up to sixty percent.


Passive Solar Design – Heating and Cooling, Rainwater Harvesting, High Performance Mechanical System, Raised Floor, Residential Green Materials.