Potomac Hillside House

Carefully located to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding wooded parkland, this wood and stone home takes in stunning views of the Potomac River. Perched on a ridge high above the C + O Canal on the foundation of an old cabin, it was designed to take advantage of available sunlight as well. Mature oaks and poplars shade the approach and entrance. Living spaces open to a large great room that faces the river and a stone veranda. Bedrooms open onto small courtyards that provide outdoor rooms for enjoying the beauty of the season.

The home and its systems were designed to be in harmony with the surroundings while being resource-efficient. Wings of the house are sculpted in wood and stone to provide green roofs and a solar array. Solar panels will provide all of the home’s electricity and rainwater will be collected for all water needs. Nestled into the ground, its siting will preserve the view and provide great insulation. Passive solar design takes advantage of shading and thermal mass to make sure the home is comfortable in winter and summer.