Takoma Park Auditorium

Graphic images of this city in its early years provide a backdrop for new state of the art, sustainable technologies in this rehabilitated city council chamber. The acoustic wall panels – biodegradable materials printed in soy ink with old city photos – are one of many creative and green solutions to the technical requirements of a theater and televised council chamber. Upgraded theater sound and lighting will provide the community with a performing arts space that is open to the community 6 days a week. New building systems are designed to save money on operating costs and provide a healthy, quiet indoor environment.

The council dais is a sculpted piece of millwork made from bamboo panels with integrated A/V technology – all designed to be moved off-stage and stored when not in use. Ceiling panels pick up the geometry of the stage, angled to enhance the acoustics and floating to provide flexibility of use. Eco-friendly materials and systems in this LEED-CI certified space include a highly efficient quiet HVAC system, LED theater lights, and a durable biodegradable wall covering. Renovations were expanded to include upgrades to plumbing and HVAC in other parts of the building and designated parking for alternative vehicles. Renewable energy is provided by a 10 kW solar panel array on the roof.