Third Century Mall 

This 21st century “Vision Plan” of the National Mall was developed for The Third Century Mall Conservancy. Conceived to meet far-reaching goals that promote Community, Vibrancy, Stewardship, and Sustainability, this Vision Plan focuses on a revitalized waterfront and a grand entrance to the nation’s capitol.

Plans call for extending space for the country’s cultural institutions to include East Potomac Park. Highlights include a sculptural Gateway bridge at 14th Street, a transit hub beneath a large public Forum, National Gardens to protect endangered species, Riverfront Green space with ball fields, and a Woodland park with trails. A row of Cultural Institutions faces the river and extends to a public Recreation Center on the tip of the island. A public Waterfront Market will mirror planned provate development for the Southwest waterfront.

These public places and better access are intended to help to make the Mall a more vibrant place to be at all times – and a model for the country’s commitment to essential American principles of democracy, freedom, innovation, creativity, and sustainability. The Vision Plan went before Congress in an effort to open the dialogue regarding America’s 3rd Century Mall.

By Rick Schneider with inscape.