V Street Center 

The Center will function as a sports facility, highlighting climbing and racquetball. The building itself is designed to serve the needs of the community while providing an object lesson in energy efficient, environmentally-friendly building. It will harvest its own rainwater, generate its own electricity, and use the earth beneath the site to heat and cool itself. It is intended to conform to the context of the neighborhood while still maintaining a vibrant, exciting identity. The Atrium in front displays multi-story climbing walls to the street as an exciting announcement of the functions within. The Climbing area is secured but highly visible across from the reception and office.

The facility is a simple rectangular box with a steel frame and insulated metal panels. A gallery cuts diagonally across the building to connect the entrance with the outdoor plaza and field. This space is skylit and enclosed with a glass curtain wall system and fritted glass skylights. Floors are colored concrete on insulated forms and metal deck. The roof will hold photovoltaic solar panels and channel rainwater to cisterns located in the garage below the building. Clean, energy-efficient heating and cooling will be provided using geothermal loops beneath the building and site. By Rick Schneider with inscape.