Vintage Capitol Hill 

A townhouse on Capitol is fully renovated with an eye to color, texture, and eclecticism. The owners wanted to improve the flow of the home and change it from Ethan Allen traditional to a place that showcases their love of mid-century modern design and the found object.

The Kitchen and Dining Room are opened up by relocating a powder room between the two. Now spaces flow together for a more current spatial relationship. Old barn siding is used to clad the new powder room and bring some richness to the finish palette. Salvaged heartwood pine was used to patch old floors. New and old appliances sit side by side with modern cabinetry and subway tile. Atlas Industries shelving and Herman Miller chairs share space with a rough hewn table designed by the owner.

The Living Room is enlivened with new light fixtures, an old slate mantle, and re-upholstered Lloyd tubular chrome furniture that was salvaged from a local hair salon. The entry hall is finished with tin panels and wallcovering to add layers of texture.

Upstairs the master bathroom was enlarged to include a double sink of pristine fireclay over a rustic wood table. Galvanized corrugated metal sits in contrast to a rich blue mosaic tile in the bathroom downstairs.

By working with the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” the architects have renovated a historic home suffused with warmth and color that stays true to sustainable principles.