Architects Ready to Help with Hurricane Relief / by istudio


Architects + Engineers in the Mid-Atlantic are on stand-by with the North Carolina American Institute of Architects (AIA) ready to help with Hurricane Florence Disaster Assistance. Architects can be certified to provide evaluations of facilities and buildings in the aftermath of a disaster. As a volunteer with the AIA Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Program (SAP), ISTUDIO’s Marisa Brown monitors daily updates on the current relief efforts.

When a disaster strikes, AIA and SEA (Structural Engineers Association) are resources for local authorities to utilize in the safety assessments of affected buildings and communities. Depending on the need, state authorities may request help from out of state organizations to help with the relief effort. Professionals like Marisa volunteer their time to help communities recover and rebuild as quickly as possible.

To learn more about the Safety Assessment Program, including upcoming training sessions, visit the website:

Certified Post-Disaster Building Safety Assessment Volunteers can sign-up to assist in the effort here: