Grand Opening of the DC Infrastructure Academy / by subLoft


Starting in March of 2018, DC residents can attend the DC Infrastructure Academy to pursue infrastructure jobs with public utility companies in the city.  This program will be used as a bridge between job-searching DC residents and in-demand jobs for companies such as Pepco/Exelon and Washington Gas.

We are proud to be a part of this mayor-initiated project with the team led by Broughton Construction and look forward to following the growth and success of the DC Infrastructure Academy!

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Mayor Muriel Bowser: "As the infrastructure industry continues to grow, we want DC residents to be first in line for these high-paying jobs. Through the DC Infrastructure Academy, we will ensure that more Washingtonians have the skills and knowledge they need to secure a career in a wide-range of growing fields, from utility and transportation to operations and green technologies."

DCW: DC Infrastructure Academy open for business, readies job force for in-demand jobs

DC DOES: "Stop by and say hi! DCIA Address: 2330 Pomeroy Road, SE. #DCIA"